School Principal Message

Education in the Vidyalaya aims at shaping individuals in their formative years by imparting knowledge and inculcating values that would help them to make choices in life. the habit of study, the love of learning and the quest for truth has been constantly encouraged. Quality education is no longer considered at singular, inherent quality measured by a paper-pencil test. We, in the Vidyalaya, attempt at an application based scientific approach to learning, incorporating a first hand experience on the part of the students through a lab work, projects and activities. We realize that each child has a distinct potential and we are but 'facilitators' to assist the child in exploring the world and finding answers. We judge our young learners continuously and comprehensively through a variety of tools thus reducing the stress levels.

I have witnessed a wide knowledge base in the children and a vibrant dynamism which just needs support from the teachers and parents to take them to a full 'bloom'. I personally appreciate an active participation of the parents who give constructive suggestions in the 'interactive sessions' conducted regularlly and further invite them to be partners in the process of quality assurance.

School years are crucial for development of good habits and character, instilling values in the children. We are committed to foster and develp the values of honesty and integrity, secularism, respect for elders, self discipline. At the same time, we are constantly striving towards developing and enhancing "life skills" - the ability to communicate, to lead, to be a team player, to empathize, to deal with stress. Our aim is to keep the Vidyalaya a happy place for the children to build up a holistic personality. Children should yearn to come to school and participate in all its activities. The Vidyalaya shall always strive to be a place, "Where the mind is without fear adn the head is held high..."(Tagore)

Personal enrichment calls for the realization of a social responsibility, which finally culminates in the building of a strong Nation. Since nation-building is entwined with international peace we imbue in the children our traditional values of tolerance and co-operation. Hence education calls for a constant creative and positive march ahead. We shall not stop till our goals are achieved!

Thank You,


KV NO.2 ARMY, Baroda