Smt Shruti Bhargava

Message from Desk

As we start another academic session 2022-23, the efforts done in 2021-22 have brought fruits in some cases, in some cases has also shown us where our weakness lies. Planning for the academic session has been initiated and it as hoped that all aspects of vidyalaya growth have been taken into consideration. Complete success can be got only when there is quality development and alround in a vidyalaya.

Planning in all spheres needs a direction which comes from the head of the vidyalaya - the Principal. The day to day involvement, motivation and supervision by the Principal sends a message about the tasks expected from everyone in the vidyalaya, be it staff or students. Supervision mixed with a little empathy and humane approach will go a long way in reaching out to staff, students & society.

Positivity is another aspect which plays a very important role in enhancing a person’s personality. The vidyalaya has the responsibility of developing a positive attitude towards life, fellow beings and world in general.
It would not be amiss to mention the need for tolerance towards one another, in the present style ridden world.
The students future citizen of our country whom we are nurturing need to be humane tolerant towards one another, imbibe patriotism towards our country along with being tolerant towards other nations ideologies to be really called enlightened citizen of the world.
May the almighty bless all our endeavours and guide us in every way in this new academic session.

(Smt Shruti Bhargava )